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We welcome you to join one of our committees.

For more details, please contact us at or 248-853-7862.




Committees & Associations

Influential members who promote the value of our organization to the business community. They serve as key representatives and volunteers of the Chamber.

AHXcelerate Event Advisory

This advisory committee will help plan this one-of-a-kind event being helf at the M1 Concourse which will offer a networking component, thrill ride experience, muscle car show, and Track Day.

Community Council
The Auburn Hills' community includes non-profit and civic organizations, who meet regularly to discuss shared goals and priorities.


This committee plans the annual Auburn Hills Chamber Golf Open and other golf related events. If interested in building a network of those in the community who enjoy golf, please join us.

Leaders from hotels, restaurants, and retail meet regularly to build a network of hospitality professionals and encourage patrons to visit Auburn Hills.

Taste of Auburn Hills

Planning the annual Taste of Auburn Hills, this group ensures the event meets its goals for quality, fundraising and member satisfaction.

Silver & Gold
This committee organizes the Chamber’s annual Silver & Gold Awards and Holiday Brunch, which honors companies, or members, and volunteers for their outstanding efforts.

Workforce Development
Comprised of business leaders, higher education academia, and key staffing executives focused on supporting the development of local talent.

Next Generation (Emerging Leaders)

This committee plans the Next Generation Programs that bring together men and women of diverse backgrounds who share a common commitment to the future of the community.