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NFC Tags

By Randy Palmer, Owner of Printboys Digital Printing

To keep it short: NFC tags are a short-range wireless technology that exchanges data between two NFC capable devices (mobile phones for example). Also, for security its working range is short a maximum 10 centimeters (4 inches) and can be set up for one-or two-way communication.

Cool approach: NFC-enabled mobile devices allow users to store and access all kinds of data – at home or on the move. Simply by bringing two NFC-enabled devices close together, they automatically initiate network communications without requiring the user to configure the setup.

One example: Networking when you say your first hello and present your business card, you’re offering up a little piece of yourself - but with an NFC business card from Printboys it can be a great big marketing piece.

Embedded in the card (and also adhesive tags) is a tiny microchip. When it’s touched to a smartphone, the chip asks the phone to do something. Something you’ve told it to do. Perhaps download your portfolio, play music or video, load a prepared web turn on gps, maps or apps, save your contact details - the possibilities are endless. Think of it like an enormous, dynamic and exciting third side.

Update it: again and again. There’s no reason that what your NFC card links to today, has to be the same as it was yesterday. You can update it as you go.

Share it: my music, your blog, that movie, tomorrow’s technology, yesterday’s style. Media, pictures, posts — anything and everything.

Map it: looking for us? Here’s a map link or Facebook link to like us, our opening hours, here’s and our daily specials and by the way, here’s a cup of tea on us!

Done: your new associate just touches your NFC card, sticker or tag to their phone and “bang” - you’re in their address book. Not lost, and never forgotten. If you have any questions concerning NFC tags please feel free to call us at Printboys digital printing we’d love to help.

Some of the projected applications of NFC’s take connectivity, seamlessness and convenience to another level. Cars will connect to your phone which will interface with the NFC tags by proximity and begin to personalize your driving experience also, drivers can have their favorite music, phone contacts, radio station preferences, seat and mirror settings integrated wirelessly.

NFC tags-enabled phones to unlock doors, you can even e-mail a time-limited authorization for someone else to unlock that door.

NFC has been around for a while already but in terms of consumer acceptance and implementation in consumer electronics it is still in its early stages. Only few companies and tech-savvy people are using NFC today. But more and more people are recognizing the huge potential of NFC and start investing in that technology. It will be used especially for its marketing possibilities and in the mobile phone industry to get consumers more engaged in print.

Event organizers and marketers can be pleased with the great effectiveness NFC offers for events. Such as the use of smart wristbands and badges with NFC used mostly for entry management and attendee interaction, but with the spread of NFC capable Smartphone’s, they’ll be obsolete. With the help of NFC, event organizers can make their events much more interactive.

There are countless creative possibilities to do so. Terminals with NFC readers could encourage attendees to take a picture and automatically share it on social networks.

NFC devices are perfect voting and rating tools and could be used to determine the tastiest bottle at a wine tasting or the most desired product at trade fairs.

Finally we encourage everyone who’s interested in innovation to join us in exploring this new technology if you have any questions concerning the NFC tags please feel free to contact us at printboys anytime during normal business hours. Thanks for reading.